Sunday, 19 October 2014

My Perfect Halloween Dinner Party

My Perfect Halloween Dinner Party

So with Halloween around the corner when I saw Atlantic Shopping had a Halloween Dinner Party Competition then it sounded right up my street. I love dinner parties and I jumped at the chance to blog about my fantasy guest list and menu to create a spectacular Halloween Dinner Party. 

For a Frightfully Good Time I would need my guests to Dress to Impress for Halloween!.

My Theme would be orange and black of course, with carved pumpkins leading up to my doorway, an Enter At Your Own Risk door sign. Inside fake cobwebs and spooky spiders would hang from the ceilings and in the middle of my dining table a huge candelabra would make the center piece. 

First I needed to invite my guests after much deliberation I decided on the following people.

Guest List

Angelina Jolie - Now if there was ever a dead ringer (dead get it!) for Morticia Addams then it has to be the beautiful yet vampish Angelina.

Ozzy Osbourne - Lead singer of Black Sabbath need I say anymore.

Richard O'Brien - He wrote the Rocky Horror Show, so he would be perfect for the after dinner entertainment after all no one knows the time warp better than him!

Winona Ryder - long before Kristen Stewart it was Winona who headlined the spooky films, no one played a troublesome teenage goth quite like her.    

Next came my Halloween Menu and again using scary films as my theme I came up with the following..


Aperitif  BeetleJuice                        Bloody good Cranberry Punch 

Horrors d'Ĺ“uvre                              ghoulash in vols-au-vent

Starter    Pulp Fiction                         Pumpkin Soup 

Main     Silence Of the Lambs         Lamb shank, which falls off the bone, served                                                                      with parsnips, carrots and black rice.

Dessert  Death becomes her           Chocolate pudding with an orange sauce         


Fortune Telling

Apple Bobbing

Pin the Witch on the Broomstick

After a Spell Binding night it would be time to leave the party but I would have one more Trick up my sleeve...a Halloween Treat for my guests.