Saturday, 27 September 2014

The Mum In The Mad House Messy Kids Bloggers Competition

The Two Little Fleas Mum In The Mad House Messy Kids Bloggers Competition 

So with my 5 year old son now at school, my house is slowly returning to normal after the chaos of the 6 week school holidays. Of course at weekends the mayhem continues and so when I heard about the fabulous The Mum In The Mad House blog running a Messy Kids bloggers competition and with a mischievous 5 year old son at home then this competition really appealed to me. ! 

The Competition terms are simple, The Mad House are looking for  Bloggers to post blog photos and or videos of children getting messy whilst at the same time looking as cute as buttons. 

The Competiton ends on October 15th 2014

Full competition details can be found here Two Little Fleas The Mad House blog (see links below)

Two Little Fleas (

But without further a do... Here is a snap of my son Stefan when he decided to help wash my car - messy but still rather cute. 

Car Washing - Stefan's intention was good he was desperate to help me wash the car. I realised this may result in some splashing and wisely (I thought anyway) dressed him in water proof trousers. But 2 soapy buckets later it appeared the water was actually all on him rather than my car!

I will end this post now as no doubt there will be some more toys on the floor and a bed to make, if you listen carefully out the window then you will probably here me cry from West Sussex  STEFAN tidy up your room!!