Wednesday, 3 December 2014

My #NextmasWishlist

Next #NextmasWishlist! Competition 

With Christmas around the corner it is well and truly time for me to turn my attention to Christmas shopping and where better to get all my family & friends Christmas gifts than Next!

I've been shopping at Next for years now and they always have something magical up their sleeves so to speak when it comes to Christmas. This year they are also running a competition for bloggers called   #NextmasWishlist the idea being that bloggers like myself head to Next to find their top Christmas gifts so as a loyal Next shopper I headed to my local store to eye up this years array of tempting gifts plus of course ideas for my own Christmas list.

Here are my favourite items..  

For Myself
Ok so the first one is me for, but I just think everybody should have a star bath robe and at £22 its a must have. For all the Girls out there who love pink then don't worry it comes in pink aswell as navy.  
Star Robe

For my Son

Cobalt Fairisle Pattern Knit (3-16yrs)

It's the Season of the Christmas Jumpers and this would be perfect for my 5 year old son to wear on Christmas Day. Coming in at between £13 - £18 its a Christmas list essential.

For My Husband

Converse Patch Jog Pant (846499G40) | £38

These Jogging bottoms would be fabulous for lounging around in over Christmas and with my husband working hard all year, when he does get time off over Christmas then his favourite thing is to relax and watch Christmas films. At £38 its sure to put a smile on his face aswell as my bank balance.

For My Friend
Morris The Moose Cushion

My friend would love this cushion,, its funny, its festive and its only £18. Morris The Moose you will be going to a good home soon I promise.  

For My Niece

Sequin Corsage Dress (3-14yrs)

My niece has her Birthday on the 27th December so I always try and get her something extra special so that she feels that I am still recognising her Birthday rather than Christmas. For a 10 year old budding Fashionista this dress is just the thing and costing between  £36 - £43 depending on age then its really good value and of course super stylish. I love the grey but it does also come in pink. 

So with all my shopping once again safely in the hands of NEXT all that is left for me to say is Merry Christmas and I will be back NEXT year.  

Next Christmas Wish List Competition (#NextmasWishlist!)
ends 15/12/2013
Details at

Sunday, 19 October 2014

My Perfect Halloween Dinner Party

My Perfect Halloween Dinner Party

So with Halloween around the corner when I saw Atlantic Shopping had a Halloween Dinner Party Competition then it sounded right up my street. I love dinner parties and I jumped at the chance to blog about my fantasy guest list and menu to create a spectacular Halloween Dinner Party. 

For a Frightfully Good Time I would need my guests to Dress to Impress for Halloween!.

My Theme would be orange and black of course, with carved pumpkins leading up to my doorway, an Enter At Your Own Risk door sign. Inside fake cobwebs and spooky spiders would hang from the ceilings and in the middle of my dining table a huge candelabra would make the center piece. 

First I needed to invite my guests after much deliberation I decided on the following people.

Guest List

Angelina Jolie - Now if there was ever a dead ringer (dead get it!) for Morticia Addams then it has to be the beautiful yet vampish Angelina.

Ozzy Osbourne - Lead singer of Black Sabbath need I say anymore.

Richard O'Brien - He wrote the Rocky Horror Show, so he would be perfect for the after dinner entertainment after all no one knows the time warp better than him!

Winona Ryder - long before Kristen Stewart it was Winona who headlined the spooky films, no one played a troublesome teenage goth quite like her.    

Next came my Halloween Menu and again using scary films as my theme I came up with the following..


Aperitif  BeetleJuice                        Bloody good Cranberry Punch 

Horrors d'Ĺ“uvre                              ghoulash in vols-au-vent

Starter    Pulp Fiction                         Pumpkin Soup 

Main     Silence Of the Lambs         Lamb shank, which falls off the bone, served                                                                      with parsnips, carrots and black rice.

Dessert  Death becomes her           Chocolate pudding with an orange sauce         


Fortune Telling

Apple Bobbing

Pin the Witch on the Broomstick

After a Spell Binding night it would be time to leave the party but I would have one more Trick up my sleeve...a Halloween Treat for my guests.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

The Mum In The Mad House Messy Kids Bloggers Competition

The Two Little Fleas Mum In The Mad House Messy Kids Bloggers Competition 

So with my 5 year old son now at school, my house is slowly returning to normal after the chaos of the 6 week school holidays. Of course at weekends the mayhem continues and so when I heard about the fabulous The Mum In The Mad House blog running a Messy Kids bloggers competition and with a mischievous 5 year old son at home then this competition really appealed to me. ! 

The Competition terms are simple, The Mad House are looking for  Bloggers to post blog photos and or videos of children getting messy whilst at the same time looking as cute as buttons. 

The Competiton ends on October 15th 2014

Full competition details can be found here Two Little Fleas The Mad House blog (see links below)

Two Little Fleas (

But without further a do... Here is a snap of my son Stefan when he decided to help wash my car - messy but still rather cute. 

Car Washing - Stefan's intention was good he was desperate to help me wash the car. I realised this may result in some splashing and wisely (I thought anyway) dressed him in water proof trousers. But 2 soapy buckets later it appeared the water was actually all on him rather than my car!

I will end this post now as no doubt there will be some more toys on the floor and a bed to make, if you listen carefully out the window then you will probably here me cry from West Sussex  STEFAN tidy up your room!!   


Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Next #ChangingRoomSelfie Competition

 #ChangingRoomSelfie Competition

So with my son off on school holidays and with the weather hotting up in the UK . It was time to pop to the shops to buy us both a summer top!. Now taking my 5 year old clothes shopping is usually a difficult task but luckily for me Next are running a #ChangingRoomSelfie competition so what better way to get a boy to shop than to say we are going to buy a new t shirt and we need some summer pictures to get us in the mood.

Armed with our Sunglasses and our summer pictures including a sun, a bucket and spade and of course an ice cream! We headed to our local Next.        
First  it was me who needed to find a new top and I had my heart set on something pink however I soon realised that  it was going to be a hard choice with so many new summer items now in stock. I finally settled on a gorgeous floral top which came in at £25 its V-neck which suits me and the bold bright floral pattern is just my thing - I tried it on with my pink shorts although in reality I would team it with white trousers or long white shorts.

Next was my son Stefan and after trying on a few t shirts we settled on a green Selfie one as it is after all a Selfie competition and I know we will be snapping plenty of Selfies during the school holidays!. This fun t-shirt comes in between £5.50 - £10.50 depending on the age and size of the child.  

The Next Selfie Competition is running until 1st August 2014 - The T&Cs are here

All that's left for me to say is I hope everyone has a Great Summer But First...Let me take a Next  Changing Room Selfie.